Mental Health Care

Helping you live life with purpose and fulfilment
Health is not just physical, we have emotional health, social health, and mental health too. And there are many factors that can affect each part of the puzzle. At Roshana, we work alongside you and your needs to first build the team best suited to your recovery. These people are committed to providing the highest standard of care so that you feel completely supported in living the life that best serves you.
Each of our facilities are home to a licensed in-house manager, recovery support workers, recovery professionals, visiting occupational therapists, psychologists, psychiatrist, and general physicians. Together they make up the team who will work with you on your goals.

Reaching your goals, supported

Emotional support and companionship are key on the journey towards mental and social health. We’re all connected to groups and communities beyond ourselves. This is how we share our experiences and connect to a network of ongoing support and at Roshana, we’re focused on helping to foster those connections. 
We provide regular occupational therapy programs and recreational activities proven to be effective in promoting wellness. Alongside this, our experienced and qualified chefs provide healthy and nutritious meals according to a meal plan which is reviewed frequently.

Recovery rehabilitation programs

If you or your loved one are living with psychological distress or chronic mental illness, our Independent Residential Units (IRU) provide recovery rehabilitation programs in medium to long term accommodation. Here we provide the extra hours of daily support to help people live independently in the community. Situated around Perth Metro Areas, our IRUs have easy access to mental health services via hospital programs. Referrals can also come from hospitals and clinics for individuals who cannot apply for accommodation themselves.

Our ultimate goal is for you to return to living independent with the right psychosocial support. To meet this goal, we work closely with the Mental Health Commission (MHC) to establish Individualised Community Living Strategies.

Our Mental Health Support Process

Resident's Enrolment Through
Referral Program


High Care Facilities


Low Care Facilities


Independent Living Units


Reassuring and Reengaging
Back Into The Community

Burswood Care
(Victoria Park WA)

Found in the heart of Vic Park, this is where you can work towards a personalised care plan centred around your needs and goals. It’s all about your recovery and what that looks like for you.

BP Luxury Care
(Maddington WA)

This is a place where you can design a care plan that works for you. Collaborate with your doctor, family members, and any other key people in your life to set goals that feel right for you. Then we put them into action.

Honeybrook Care
(Midland WA)

Honeybrook Care is long-term accommodation for those needing low care, with a team of support workers and recovery professionals that are there every day, focused on your recovery.

Romily House Care Facility
(Claremont WA)

Every individual has goals and aspirations, with a desire to be able to live a meaningful and contributing life.  We embrace a recovery-oriented culture which means we value the lived experience and insights of our residents.

Independent Living

Roshana Care Group has an ongoing commitment to provide accommodation and support to those living with chronic mental illness through our Independent Residential Units (IRUs) in Perth Metro areas. Our recovery and rehabilitation program aims to restore individuals to their optimal level of functioning and help improve their quality of life. Referrals for accommodation are received from hospitals and clinics for individuals who cannot apply for accommodation themselves.

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