Roshana Care Group Sponsor Story Dogs

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For many of us, the ability to read is something we take for granted. For some however, reading can be a difficult and sometimes uncomfortable process, but thanks to man's best friend, dogs are helping thousands of children to become more confident and fluent readers in schools across Australia. Story Dogs was founded in NSW is 2009, based on a similar program in the US. The calming, non-judgmental presence of a dog to read to is proving to have remarkable improvements in literacy for children experiencing reading challenges. Dog Teams, made up of a dog and their owner, volunteer in schools across Australia thanks to the generous donation of sponsors that make it possible.

Roshana Care Group is proud to sponsor 'Aarli' and Lizzie, who are helping children at Castledown Primary School in Esperance, WA. Lizzie is a nurse in Esperance and her dog Aarlie is a Smithfield breed. "Aarlii was a gift to me from my Mum and Dad. He is the best present ever. He has travelled with me all over Australia and comes to all my work locations. He is my best friend." According to Lizzie, "Aarli loves "anything to do with water, like beach walks, sitting in puddles, and doing bombies in the pool!" His favourite food is fish - in fact, Aarli is an indigenous word meaning 'fish'. What a great way to help children to experience the joy of reading.